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Licensing Guidelines

Use of the Bryn Mawr College wordmark and identifying graphics is limited to academic and administrative offices and student organizations.

The College Communications Office monitors use of the wordmarks to ensure that they are used according to design standards.

Templated versions of BMC stationery, business cards, and PowerPoint slides are customizable and available for download from the Visual Identity page of the College Communications website.

The College Communications Office has developed a visual identity style guide which contains instructions and guidance to help departments and offices use Bryn Mawr wordmarks consistently and effectively.

Bryn Mawr College does not license its name or wordmark to commercial vendors, with the exception of its partnership with the BMC bookshop.

The College Seal is reserved for official or ceremonial purposes. Examples include diplomas, transcripts, and accreditation reports. Reproduction of the seal is not permitted in any form unless specifically authorized by College Communications and/or the President's Office.