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Guide to Faculty Web Content Options

Faculty members have a variety of needs with regard to online content. Many faculty members have personal pages within their departmental directory using the Bryn Mawr template-- these pages contain CVs, information about research interests, courses, and other activities.


Mathematics faculty profiles

Geology faculty profiles

Other faculty members choose to maintain a separate web presence because they want or require a different look or functionality for personal pages.

There are also several options for handling course-related material, depending on design, functionality, and content needs. Consider the following...


The readily available design options at Bryn Mawr are the standard college templates (like this page uses). Such pages can be edited in Adobe Contribute. Our WordPress installation at provides additional design options-- WordPress blogs can be used to create static pages as well as blogs, and we have many WordPress themes from which to choose. For more information on WordPress at Bryn Mawr and the available design options, please refer to the blog documentation. and contact the Help Desk if you require assistance.

Web Services is not able to provide custom site design work. If a custom design is required, we can recommend some third party options.


What does your site need to do? The campus templates can easily handle mostly static content, while WordPress might be a better choice for frequently updated or more interactive content. Moodle provides a secure, private way for students to post assignments and communicate with faculty and classmates, and for posting media intended only for a particular class or group, while Serendip is intended for public interaction and discussion. Web Services supports campus template pages, while others within Library & Information Technology Services and the Provost's office support Moodle and instructional uses of WordPress.   Sciences faculty and staff administer Serendip.


Who will add content to your site and update it? Bryn Mawr generally operates on a self-service model, in which departments and faculty members maintain their own pages, with assistance from Library & Information Technology Services depending on which site options are used. If you have funding available, it may be possible to hire a student or other party to assist.