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Website Infrastructure

Website and blog setup

Web services will work with you to create the structure for pages using the Bryn Mawr College templates and/or blogs using Bryn Mawr's WordPress installation. We work with you to determine the technical requirements, while you and Communications (as appropriate) determine what the content looks like.

Special web content

We can consult with you regarding content requiring extra design work, information pulled from PeopleSoft, or other such projects.


If you need to collect data using forms, we will consult with you (and other departments as required) to determine your data collection and security needs and assist you in finding an appropriate solution.

Audiovisual content

We can assist you with the technical aspects of getting video, Flash or other multimedia presentations, photo, and audio content onto your websites, assuming appropriate permissions have been obtained from subjects and copyright holders (as applicable), and assuming the video has been edited. Contact Multimedia Services and the Tech Documentation regarding AV equipment and production assistance. Contact the Communications Office regarding questions about permissions and how to obtain them.

Plugin installation

for WordPress blogs on the Bryn Mawr blog server. We will work with you to determine if a new plugin will offer functionality not readily available through other means. New plugins will be installed when we have determined that their programming is reliable and will be reasonably well-maintained and supported, so we can keep the Bryn Mawr College blog server healthy. If you would like to request a new plugin, please e-mail and include your blog's address, the name and web address of the plugin you would like (if you have a specific one in mind), and describe the function you would like this plugin to fulfill. Note: Web Services is able to research existing plugins, but is not able to offer custom plugin development.


We contribute our expertise to other web-related projects as our availability and the scope of the projects permit.

Website Maintenance

Technical Support, Training, and documentation

for those maintaining Bryn Mawr College web pages using the college templates and bascom web server, or blogs using the college WordPress installation. We hold periodic workshops and Q&A sessions as well as individual training and support as needed.

Changes or additions to navigation menus

We (and as necessary, Communications) can work with you to determine the most efficient and effective menu changes to make so that your audience can easily find information. We will work with you to make the structural changes and generate new blank templates (if needed), after which you will enter any new content.

Information about your site visitors and traffic

We can assist you with creating Google Analytics reports to give you a better idea of how many visits your pages get, where your visitors are located, and so forth. This may be useful for determining the effectiveness of your pages in terms of how frequently they are viewed, whether pages are easily found, and whether you are reaching your desired audience.

Information about your pages

We can provide data on broken links, where your pages are linked from, and other such information to help you identify potential problems with your site and remove outdated information.

Site search improvements

For searches done within the Bryn Mawr site, we can assure that appropriate keywords lead to the appropriate pages.