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Special Web Content

If you are interested in adding special content to your website (for example: interactive maps, a data feed from PeopleSoft, ), we would like to assist you, but ask you to follow these procedures to be certain that the results meet your department and audience's needs. Refer to our homepage for ways to evaluate those needs.

1. Discuss the requirements within your department-- establish who the audience is for this special content and what they need from it. Also discuss the maintenance needs of this content (for example, updating data or photos) and who can take on those duties .

2. Contact the College Communications office. Their expertise will help assure that the content communicates what you want to your audience, and that it works well with the look and feel of the Bryn Mawr College website as a whole.

3. Contact Web Services to discuss your project once your requirements in terms of content audience and functionality have been established-- then we can accurately determine what is technically possible and how to make it work.