Dynamic Content

Maintaining a website and keeping it current and interesting can take a lot of time. We have some tools to create some of that result by automatically updating the website on a regular (e.g. hourly) basis. Let us know if you think of a module or a feature that would benefit a number of people.

Right-hand Column

The right-hand column of the design is a great place to put information that changes regularly -- and automatically. You can use dynamic code to rotate through a series of photos, to display an RSS feed from a relevant journal, to display today's lectures at Bryn Mawr or recent news stories or profiles. More information and examples.

We also have a news module that will allow you to create news and to select a set of tags to be used in a custom news feed for your site from news.brynmawr.edu , facultypublications.brynmawr.edu , etc.

Primary Content

There are also modules that can be used to automatically create content for the body of pages.

Course descriptions and other information from the College catalog display content on academic department pages.

Contact Web Services to discuss having additional modules added to your site.