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Request Information About Your Pages

We can provide reports about your websites using Google Analytics, our Google Mini search appliance (which handles searching within the Bryn Mawr College site), and other tools. These reports include information on broken links, how many times your pages are viewed, whether particular links are being used, if other sites are linking to old versions of your pages, and more.

We can assist you in interpreting reports and correcting any problems they indicate-- for example, we can help you figure out how to fix broken links, or help you determine if changes to navigation might help visitors to your site find information more easily.

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Report a Problem with our Site Search or Browsing

Again, the Google Mini search appliance handles searching within the Bryn Mawr website (e.g. when you use the search box at the top left of our pages). Sometimes search results do not automatically turn up the most relevant results first. If you notice that your own searches are not turning up the results you expect, or if you become aware that community members or visitors are not finding information they need, we may be able to improve results for searches within the Bryn Mawr website (there are fewer things we can do to affect results from external searches, e.g. via

An example of a problem that can be corrected is that our book store is known as the "Bookshop,"  but people unfamiliar with Bryn Mawr might not know that, and searches for "bookstore" did not turn up the Bookshop's homepage immediately until we added a KeyMatch to assure that both "bookshop" and "bookstore" would turn up the correct page. KeyMatches appear in blue at the top of the search results.

Browsing issues: Sometimes when browsing the site, people discover that a link or other piece of information is not where they expect it to be. Please report this type of issue via the form below as well. We can coordinate with departments to assure that appropriate information and links are available in the most logical/expected places.

Report a site search or browsing problem.

Any other problems related to campus websites should be reported to the Help Desk.