Page Layout Options

We have a number of layouts designed for the typical needs of departments and offices at Bryn Mawr. Contact Web Services if you have other layout needs, or would like to adjust the layouts your site currently uses.

The "top section" of the page is used for the Bryn Mawr "branding" and general site navigation. The "left side" of the page is used for moving between pages within a particular site (e.g. a departmental site); its development is described on the navigation page. The information below provides guidance on using the template options for the center and right-hand sections and links to examples using them.

Layouts for the center section

The following layouts can be used for the site home page and most of them can also be used for inner pages. You might end up wanting several layouts to use in different parts of your site -- to meet the purpose of those pages. 

The Layouts Gallery demonstrates layout options, with the most commonly used ones first. Again, if you have other needs or ideas for layouts, please contact Web Services.

Suggestions for the use of the right-hand column

These examples illustrate different choices for how to use the right-hand column. By default we will give you the center layouts you request with two options for the right-hand column -- a template in which the right-hand column is editable for custom content and a template in which the right-hand column refers to a common file. We recommending using a common file with any of the (first 6) items described below unless you have a particular reason for custom content in the right column.

1. a rotating set of images -- see Residential Life

2. a departmental calendar of events -- see Deans. Note that a gray or beige box might be useful in "setting off" this section from the center text area.

3. for Bryn Mawr events -- you can "feed" from the campus events calendar and can specify which types of events you want to list -- only lectures, only arts. (look for "calendar")

4. for Bryn Mawr news -- you can "feed" from the either the Bryn Mawr Now articles or the Bryn Mawr In the Media articles and can specify how many headlines you want displayed. (see Alumnae). We will be developing an option for departments to submit their own news and to feed from each other's news (based on tags). For example, an article about a student athlete could be tagged with her department and then show up on that department's news area.

5. an RSS feed, -- you can feed from a variety of resources that would be relevant for your department. The History Department has a feed from the History News Network, for example.

6. for campus profiles -- you can use the profiles being created by Public Affairs and can choose to specify which categories ("tags") you want to use. (see Academics) You can also create profiles and use your own custom tag.

7. for specific content relevant for that page (see admissions visit page)