Style Guide

The pages on this site will provide guidelines and examples for making the most of the new design and its modularity. We encourage you to use this opportunity to think about how your information is organized and presented.

Style Resources

The following resources are available to those maintaining pages using the Bryn Mawr College styles:

All Styles on One Page is a page demonstrating what all available styles look like. Please contact Web Services with questions about applying styles; many of these cannot be applied easily in Contribute.

The Standards Guide discusses good design principles to use with these styles.

Navigation Options describes how navigation should work in these styles.

Page Layout options links to examples of common layouts in use. See the layouts gallery for an overview of layouts and their uses.

Dynamic content discusses the use of feeds and modules to automatically update pages with news or other information without the need for manual editing.

The Images Guide suggests some appropriate sizes and locations for images.

Special Features

The following are examples of features beyond basic text and photos available for Bryn Mawr College pages:

The Academics page uses the blue featured content module at the top to highlight certain content. This module must be added by Web Services, but the content may be edited in Contribute once it is in place. If your site has a lot of content, this is a good way to bring more of it to peoples' attention.

The Admissions page uses a yellow callout box to highlight a particular piece of content (in this case, a link to the Class of 2013 At a Glance). This is a blockquote style that will be an option in Contribute in the future.

The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and other offices use a public Zimbra calendar to display upcoming events. This calendar is easy to update in Zimbra, and your site visitors can download them for their own computers or mobile devices.

The Campus page uses Flickr (a free third-party service-- ask Web Services or Communications about copyright and photo permission concerns) to present a slideshow of campus photos.

Pages like Ask the TECH Bar and the Alumnae Association Event Page use Wufoo (a third party service with which Bryn Mawr has an account) to easily create forms to collect information. Ask Web Services if you are interested in learning more about using forms. These forms should NOT be used to collect sensitive/ legally protected data (e.g. financial information, student grades, health information, etc). If you have a need to collect sensitive data, please contact Web Services.