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Bryn Mawr offers the following opportunities for students for whom English is a second language (ESL) to develop their writing, speaking, and critical reading skills.


Writing Center Tutorials
The Writing Center offers six to nine hours per week of designated ESL tutoring; use the online schedule to make an appointment. Non-native speakers may also make appointments with undergraduate peer tutors.

Consultations by Appointment with the Director of Multilingual Writing
Email Betty Litsinger for help with concerns such as how to write for an academic audience, how to participate in class discussion, how to keep up with the reading load, and how to make continued progress in English communication.


ENG 126: Workshop for Multilingual Writers
This full-credit course is offered in the fall. It is a good companion course for first year students as they write for their Emily Balch Seminars.

ENG 127: Workshop for Multilingual Writers (Advanced)
This half-credit course is offered both semesters. Similar to Eng 126, but with less grammar emphasis, it can be taken on its own or as a support course for Eng 125: Writing Workshop.

GNST 244: American Ideas: Cultural Contexts for Academic Writing
This full-credit course is offered in the spring. GNST 244 counts toward CI and fulfills the language requirement for non-native speakers.


Extra Help for ESL Writers, Bedford/St.Martins
This site offers very good advice for academic success as you study in a second language.

Language Debates, Bedford/St. Martins
Confused by conflicting advice? Native speakers don’t always agree about issues of grammatical correctness.

They Say/ I Blog
A companion site to the book,They Say/I Say, which is a core text in Eng 125. Using templates and thinking about logical moves can help you to master academic style.

Raimes, A. Grammar Troublespots: An Editing Guide for Student Writers. 3rd Ed.  Cambridge: Cambridge U.P., 2004.
This book gives a good, quick review of the most frequent errors, and can be found in the reference section of Canaday Library.


Several workshops and conversations are scheduled each semester. Email Betty Litsinger to suggest topics, schedule an individual consultation, or arrange a presentation for your department.

Helpful Resources for Faculty

Responding to Non-native Speakers of English. University of Minnesota Writing Center: Teaching with Writing

Conference on College Composition and Communication 2009 Policy Statement on ESL Writers

Tips on Teaching ESL Students, University of North Carolina Writing Center

Zawacki, T. M., et al. Valuing Written Accents: Non-Native Students Talk about Identity, Academic Writing, and Meeting Teachers’ Expectations. Fairfax, VA: Diversity Research Group, George Mason U., 2007.