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Public Speaking Initiative

Matt RubenThe new Public Speaking Initiative (PSI) offers resources to faculty, departments, and the student body. It offers practical techniques grounded in rhetoric and composition theory, enabling it to provide assistance tailored to the curricular goals of specific courses and assignments.

PSI is coordinated by Matt Ruben, a longtime instructor in the Writing Program. Matt earned his doctorate in English and Urban Studies, and is a community activist in Philadelphia with a broad range of public-speaking experience.

Contact Matt at to discuss a workshop for your class or department.


In-class Workshops: Sessions customized for the pedagogical goals, intellectual content, and time constraints of specific courses and assignments.

Curricular Development: Individualized consultation with faculty on ways to create or further develop assignments involving speaking and presentation.


Presentations: Sessions for groups of faculty, or for groups of majors, to assist with the department's academic and professional needs, including oral components of senior theses, poster presentations, research presentations, and more.


NEW: Peer Speaking Tutors: Specially trained students available for one-on-one meetings to help with oral presentations, thesis defenses, interviews, poster presentations, class discussion skills, visual aids, and more! Make an appointment or walk-in at the Writing Center, just like you do with peer writing tutors. Online appointments are available through the Writing Center's online system - just click on "Make an Appointment," above.

Campus-wide Workshops: Matt conducts workshops periodically throughout the academic year, open to all students, focusing on the essentials of public speaking and presentation.


COMING SOON: PSI Blog: Watch this page for a link to the new PSI blog.