Located just outside of Philadelphia, on its famous Main Line, Wyndham was built as a formal fieldstone farmhouse in 1796 for Patience Morgan, a Quaker widow. The house subsequently served as a residence for the families of Thomas Humphrey and John Kennedy. In 1893 it was acquired by Theodore Ely who gave the house its name and added a spacious music room, as a gift to his daughter Gertrude.

In the years since Wyndham was purchased by Bryn Mawr in 1926, its functions and appearance have changed in response to the needs of the college. Restoration of the existing building and the addition of a new wing were made possible by the generosity of many alumnae/i. The new wing provided modern dining rooms and offices for the Alumnae Association. Its halls have been graced with visits by the actress Katherine Hepburn, Supreme Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, feminist icon Gloria Steinem as well as all the many wonderful faculty members, students, friends and families of Bryn Mawr College.

Wyndham's public rooms are decorated with many of the furnishings collected by M. Carey Thomas for the old Deanery. With wonderful gifts from alumnae/i, as well as the imaginative blend of period pieces that characterized the Deanery, the historically accurate interior of Wyndham offers a unique and comfortable setting for whatever reason you choose to visit us!