Emily is co-captain of the crew team. The team will next compete at the MARC Championship Regatta at Gifford Pinchot State Park on April 28.

On choosing Bryn Mawr: “When I came to Bryn Mawr, I fell in love—with the campus itself, with the people here, the ambition, the community. It had everything I wanted: small class sizes, appreciation for community service … and it just checked all my boxes, and I felt like I was home.”

On choosing the crew team: “I rowed in high school and loved the sport. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to row in college, but I loved Bryn Mawr’s crew team. It was everything I loved about the College in one team: people who loved each other and supported each other, who balanced a crazy amount of commitment, who balanced a bunch of other interests (everything from linguistics to pro-choice activism). I wanted people who would appreciate my passion for crew, but also for other things as well. I see athletics as one aspect of myself, among many other things, and Bryn Mawr let me pursue all those aspects at once.”

On life as a Bryn Mawr athlete: “I mean, obviously the time commitment shapes how I act in my day. I have to be pretty efficient with my time—I think of it as my fourth job! But at the same time, it hasn’t inhibited me from doing other things; I’m working as a Spectra coordinator, I’m doing research in the bio department, I’m active in SGA. But the other thing that’s changed my experience here is the community that I’ve had; you spend so much time with the team! They’re the first people that you interact with in the morning, the people you wake up to work out with, the people you see every day. And I think that the community has changed my perception of myself and of Bryn Mawr.

"And then also the sport itself—I love everything about crew. I love being out on the water and seeing the sunrise and the birds, I love seeing the waves as we go by, I love feeling so strong and so fast, I love having the chance to clear my head. I might have a bio test tomorrow or an orgo exam next week, but I can row.”