Name: Ingrid Asplund

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: History of Art

Hometown: Provo, Utah

Student Activities: Beekeeping Club, Co-editor of the college news, Co-head of the Feminist Coalition, Banter Blogger, Environmental Justice League

There were many reasons why Ingrid Asplund ’14 was drawn to Bryn Mawr; it has a tight-knit community, interesting traditions, and notable History of Art department.  But in between her classes, meals with friends, and frequent naps in the library, Ingrid can be found trying her hand at something she’s always wanted to do: beekeeping.

On Beekeeping: My great-grandfather was a beekeeper and I always thought it was very cool. When I was a first-year student, I attended Fall Frolic and saw that they had a beekeeping club and I thought: this is perfect, this is so serendipitous.

The Best Part: The most exciting day is when we are putting new bees in a hive. You take the queen and you wedge her between the honeycomb and you pour the two and a half pounds of bees in. You don’t think of bees as something you can pour, but if it’s two and a half pounds of bees, you just dump them in. And they just make a home there.

Extra Hours: I like to spend warm afternoons in one of the hammocks on campus. I eat lingering meals with friends, visit art museums. I love sleeping in weird places (the library for starters). I participate in activism, thrift store explorations, dancing, reading, writing.

The Major Decision: I became interested in art history in high school and the first art history course I took in college I loved. It was Lisa Saltzman’s Women in Feminism in the History of Art class. The person I sat next to became my best friend and fellow art history major.

Memorable Moments: I keep getting the opportunity to meet really awesome ladies who are so inspiring to me.  I was able to interview Patti Smith and Alison Bechdel for the college news, and attend all of Judith Butler’s lectures and meet her.

Why Bryn Mawr: My sister went to Barnard and my mom went to Sarah Lawrence so I was really amped on women’s colleges. When I was 13, I watched "Some Like it Hot" and in the movie, Marilyn Monroe pretends to have gone to Bryn Mawr to impress someone. I guess that really spoke to me because I went and looked up Bryn Mawr and thought, “This sounds awesome.”

Living Up to Expectations: I kept anticipating that Bryn Mawr would disappoint me, but it never did. I had such high expectations and I thought there was no way that Bryn Mawr could live up to them, but it did!