During a summer internship in a pancreatic cancer research lab, Ivana hit a major sequencing problem that sent her back to the drawing board. But drawing on the lessons in perseverance that she had learned in Bryn Mawr’s rigorous classes, she started over—and got her first taste of success as a lab researcher.

Why Bryn Mawr? Ivana chose Bryn Mawr for its small classes and its outstanding professors and students. When she arrived on campus, she found a diverse and talented group of peers, who inspire her to pursue her talents. “I know that the friendships I make here will last years after I graduate,” she says, “and the education I was fortunate enough to receive here will stand as pillars for academic challenges to come.”

Open Doors: “All of my professors are easily accessible, and many have an open door policy,” says Ivana. “I know that whenever I need help with anything I can go to them and ask.”

The Summer Internship: Over the summer, Ivana worked on a pancreatic cancer research project at Fox Chase Cancer Research Center, specifically on a project to clone a gene that plays an important role in DNA repair and transcription. Coming into the lab with no research experience, Ivana knew she had a lot to learn. During her summer, she experienced firsthand what kinds of problems researchers encounter and, more important, how to tackle the inevitable challenges.

Internship Highlights: “When I found out that my cloning reactions worked, I felt like a real scientist,” she says. “This was my first real contribution to the scientific world of cancer research.”

The Bryn Mawr Connection: Biology Professor Greg Davis suggested that Wang attend a talk given by Bryn Mawr Alumna Dr. Erica Golemis ’83. As it happens, Golemis works at Fox Chase Cancer Center and helped Ivana find her internship mentor.

The Bryn Mawr Edge: “Bryn Mawr's rigorous classes have taught me how to persevere when things do not go as planned, and how to succeed in whatever I do,” says Ivana. “Bryn Mawr has given me the confidence to explore new opportunities like this one, and to pursue my interests with passion and diligence.”