A geology major, Nancy Toure is interested in the interplay of the environment and geology—and hopes to pursue an academic career. For a Summer of Science research project, she had the opportunity to conduct research—from the field to the lab.

Why Bryn Mawr? As the first person in her family to apply to college, Nancy wasn’t sure about Bryn Mawr. In fact, women’s colleges weren’t even on her radar. But on visiting, she loved Bryn Mawr’s sense of community and the relationships with Haverford and Swarthmore (aka, the Tri-College Consortium). And the College didn’t disappoint: “You meet lifelong friends at Bryn Mawr, and the deans and professors are there for you,” says the geology major.

Why Geology? When she talked to professors in the geology department, she found their excitement for the field infectious. In fact, she’s hoping to follow in their footsteps: after Bryn Mawr, she wants to pursue a doctoral degree and an academic career.

From the Field to the Lab: As part of a summer science research position, Nancy traveled with fellow Bryn Mawr geologists on an expedition to Utah to collect rock samples. Back at Bryn Mawr, she conducted paleo-biological and geochemical tests on the samples to test a theory about and about the nature of a biodiversification event that took place 400 million years ago.

Togetherness: The field work, which included side trips to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, meant a lot of hiking. “In geology, you have to be able to get along with your peers because you work together in the field—especially on trips like the one to Utah when you’re together 24/7,” Nancy explains.

Other Activities:  In addition to working as a Q Sem Mentor (the “Q” is for Quantitative) and Math Teaching Assistant, Nancy is active in two affinity groups, BACaSOand Sisterhood.

The Best Thing: “The thing I like best about Bryn Mawr,” says Nancy, “is that professors are always there if you need help.”

Transformation: Bryn Mawr has pushed Nancy as a person and as a student. More confident now in her own opinions, she likes that her peers come with their own. “Once I graduate from Bryn Mawr,” she says, “I know I’ll be able to do anything.”