Name: Nicholas Scull

Graduation Year: 2002

Degree: Masters of Social Science

“In Kuwait, one of the most important things is to get married and have a good job,” says Nicholas Scull, M.S.S. ’02. “There’s such as stigma surrounding mental health services, so if word got out that you were seeking services, it could have a devastating impact on your personal and professional life.”

Nicholas is currently serving as the clinical director for the Fawzia Sultan Rehab Institute, the only nonprofit health clinic in Kuwait and one of the only providers of community mental health services in a region of 3 million people. With no psychological licensing laws and overall inconsistent and poor mental health care, Nicholas spearheaded the development of the Middle East Psychological Association, the first psychological association in Kuwait, and the development of a professional ethics code. In partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he also developed Kuwait’s first psychiatry residency training program for medical students at Kuwait University.

“We do a lot of work in the community trying to educate people about mental health services and mental health topics including anxiety and depression. People have been incredibly courageous in seeking services, which is why we’ve grown to a staff of six clinicians serving more than 400 people a month.”

In addition to his clinical work, Nicholas serves as the assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for American University of Kuwait. Along with teaching psychology courses and working to get the university’s first psychology major approved, he also leads first-year experience courses for college freshman, helping them adjust to and thrive in a college environment.

“I have this perfect blend of being able to maintain a clinical practice and train and supervise employees, but also have an academic component that allows me to teach and further my research.”