Name: Sabina Neem

Graduation Year: 2007

Degree: Master of Social Service/Master of Law and Social Policy

As the associate director in Seattle University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs, Sabina Neem, M.S.S./M.L.S.P. ’07, builds bridges across the campus community to support students of color and LGBTQ students at the private Jesuit Catholic university.

“I’m in a position to shift a larger institutional culture and build a healthy campus climate. We’re working to create the environment they want to be part of, in an institutional setting that historically was not designed with them in mind.”

In the spring of 2012, Sabina mentored students involved in the Diversity and Equity Education Program as they led the campus community in organizing a rally in which students asked for more resources for the LGBTQ community, including gender inclusive bathrooms and housing, support for an LGBTQ resource center, and more courses focusing on gender and sexuality.

“This is one of the initiatives I’ve been most proud of. In mentoring this group of students, I encouraged them to be respectful of the university’s history and its administration. We practice a harm reductionist approach in making voices heard through non-violent and symbolic gestures.”

Within the larger Seattle community, Sabina co-chairs the city’s LGBT Commission and has spearheaded the effort to kick off the Seattle Pride Celebration by raising the Pride flag at city hall. She has also advocated in solidarity with workers for the Seattle’s Space Needle to settle a fair labor contract and fly the Pride flag.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always felt a deep sense of interconnectedness, and I’ve tried to embody the position as advocate — for individuals and communities. Bryn Mawr is where I learned to articulate the difference between altruism and solidarity.”