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There is a whole additional component of responsibility and freedom introduced when you partner with a professor to plan your coursework.

Avignon windows
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Under the auspices of Bryn Mawr College, this six-week summer program offers intensive work in significant aspects of French culture.

Students Performing in "Crossing Bryn Mawr"
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Appreciating, learning about, and creating art are vital to Bryn Mawr's campus culture. The arts build bridges to the wider world, stimulating intellectual and social growth.

Pensby Center at Bryn Mawr College
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Building inclusive community. Promoting social justice. Developing leaders.

Zadie Smith at Bryn Mawr College
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The Emily Balch Seminars introduce all first-year students at Bryn Mawr to a critical, probing, thoughtful approach to the world and our roles in it.

LILAC Pre-professional Advising Bryn Mawr College
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The mission of LILAC is to prepare liberal art students to become effective, self-aware leaders in their chosen life pursuits.

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The Bryn Mawr College Fit Club promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness education while supporting a balanced community for students, faculty, and staff.

Praxis Experiential Learning at Bryn Mawr College
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Praxis is an experiential, community-based learning program that integrates theory and practice through student engagement in active, relevant fieldwork.


Khadijah Seay '16
Alumna/us Spotlight

"I think one of the biggest things consulting has taught me is that professors are people too; they have feelings and are really invested in teaching."

Bomi Hong
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"Because of the Tri-Co, I’m not just at Bryn Mawr. I can also go to Haverford or Swarthmore. I’m making connections and resources that I can rely on after I graduate to help me find a job."