Name: Rachael Kahelin

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Osterville, Massachusetts

Student Activities: Track and Field, Field Hockey, Income Tax Assistance Program, and Campus Girl Scouts.

Rachael Kahelin ’14 didn’t expect to become the captain of the track and field team when she began her academic career at Bryn Mawr, especially only playing field hockey in high school. With the help of Bryn Mawr’s strong athletic community and opportunities to excel from any skill level, Rachael took the reins as captain during the 2012 indoor season.

“We do a great job of creating a community of athletes that really works together,” says Rachael. “We all know each other, we see each other all the time, and we share common experiences. It’s just a big community and it’s a great resource for anything that you need.”

Transitions: If you play a fall sport, you are here for preseason before the semester starts and you develop friends from every class year. You have people who support you and stand by you from the beginning. It’s a great way to start off your academic career.

Keeping the Balance: It’s easier for me to balance schoolwork when I have a sports commitment. It really makes you sit down and get things done in the time that you have. It makes you responsible for yourself and helps you to take care of yourself. You have to manage your time well.

Why Bryn Mawr: I came across Bryn Mawr because of their archeology program, which I was interested in at the time. I ended up taking a small introductory course in chemistry my first semester and I began looking into chemistry as a major.

Favorite Chemistry Course: I took an advanced chemistry course that’s non-traditional. We don’t really have textbooks. We read articles and learn about subjects that are biologically relevant. More application instead of just textbook readings.

Volunteering: I volunteered with the Income Tax Program the entire time I’ve been at Bryn Mawr. Coming back my second year, I realized how much help I was providing people and how much knowledge I had. It takes a lot of training and experience to be able to do it well.

Turning Point: Lantern Night of freshman year was the first time I really felt like I was apart of something at Bryn Mawr. You feel very welcome.