The Sustainability Leadership Group (SLG) was formed to direct the implementation of the Climate Action Plan and organize college-wide sustainability programs. The Climate Action Plan aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the College by 10 percent over the span of ten years.

The group consists of students, faculty, and staff from the Alumnae Association, the Admissions Office, the Development Office, and the Communications Office. With so many people collaborating, this group aims to bring about sustainable changes in each and every aspect of the College. The SLG strongly believes in implanting seedlings of sustainable practices in the minds of prospective Bryn Mawr students so they can deepen their roots when they are here and leave the College as an alumna strongly rooted in green beliefs and practices.

The SLG has developed a draft mission statement:

  • The College will be a responsible environmental steward and will include issues of environmental sustainability in its decision-making processes.
  • We aim to educate all members of the College community (students, staff, faculty) to become knowledgeable about, and empower them to make meaningful contributions to, environmental sustainability.

Since the inception of Climate Action Plan in 2010, the SLG, with the support of the administration, encourages green activities in every aspect of College life including academics, resource management, energy, transportation, and grounds.