Qualified women and men from the community may take courses in the Undergraduate College, space and resources permitting. Continuing-education students

  • may take up to two undergraduate courses per semester
  • have the option of auditing courses or taking them for credit

Some courses have prerequisites, and continuing-education students must secure permission from the instructor teaching each course they want to take. Continuing education students cannot enroll in courses that have already reached their maximum enrollment.  Because they always do reach maximum enrollment, continuing education students may not enroll in any of the following: Biology101, 102, 110, 111, 112, and 113; Chemistry 103,104, 211, 212; Physics 101-102 (post-baccalaureate section); all creative writing classes .

Students cannot earn a degree from the College through the Continuing Education Program. If a continuing-education student wishes to matriculate as an undergraduate, she must apply to the College through the Admissions Office.

For continuing-education students who matriculate as undergraduates, their undergraduate continuing-education courses will count either toward requirements or toward electives, but students may need to take more courses, since they are required to take a certain number of courses as a matriculated student in order to receive a degree.

Tuition and Fees, 2014-15

Course for credit $2780
Audited course $1390
Application fee $50
Laboratory fee $50

Special Discounts

Senior citizens and alumnae/i who have earned one or more degrees from the College are eligible for a 50-percent tuition discount on courses; the application fee is waived for alumnae/i. The special discount does not apply to alumnae/i who are matriculated graduate students.

Payment of Fees

Tuition and fees for Semester I are billed in August and are due in full on or before the first day of class. Tuition and fees for Semester II are billed in December and are due in full on or before the first day of class.

If acceptance to the program for either Semester I or Semester II occurs after the mail billing date, tuition is paid in person at the OneStopDesk in Guild the day prior to the beginning of classes.

Make checks payable to Bryn Mawr College.

Refund Policy

The College has a fair and equitable refund policy based on Federal regulations. Under the policy the refund will be a percentage of tuition, fees, room and board based on the period of attendance and the receipt of Title IV funds. The actual calculation of the refund will be made in the Comptroller's Office based upon the date of withdrawal. For specific dates and amounts of refund and/or a copy of the policy, please see the administrative staff of your program or the Comptroller's Office.

There is a full tuition refund if you withdraw on or before the first day of class.