Students of all backgrounds choose Bryn Mawr College for their undergraduate careers, and while there is no “typical" applicant, this profile shares key information on who currently attends Bryn Mawr. Every applicant is reviewed through a holistic process that takes into account their academic preparation and personal attributes.

In each of the past four years, Bryn Mawr College has received approximately 2,700 undergraduate admission applications. The average acceptance rate in this time frame was 39.9%, with an average of 370 students enrolling.

Less than 30% of the class entered through Early Decision, which has had an acceptance rate of 50.2%.

Academic Profile of Enrolling Students Averaged Over the Past Four Years

High Schools

  • 92.5% in top 25% of class for those who reported rank
  • 65.2% public schools; 33.3% private schools

Standardized Testing

SAT (Middle 50%)

  • Verbal: 600-710
  • Math: 610-760
  • Writing: 620-720

ACT (Median): 30

Financial Aid

71% of students received need-based grant aid and 76% of students received some type of financial aid. The average total financial aid package for students with need was $40,897.