Students whose secondary education and curriculum has been primarily at home, online (cyber charter), and/or does not follow the curriculum established by an accredited school district must submit the Common Application with supporting documents in addition to the following items:

  1. Official transcripts from any high schools or post-secondary institutions attended
  2. An academic portfolio that includes:
    • A transcript of courses taken, either self-designed (including reading lists and syllabi) or a formal document from a correspondence school or agency
    • Evaluations of grades received for each subject
    • A short research paper, preferably completed within the last year (including evaluator’s comments)
  3. An additional essay on the reasons for choosing home-schooling
  4. An interview (on-campus or Skype) with a member of the admissions staff

Please note that the required two letters of recommendation should be from individuals other than the applicant's parents.