Homeschooling and Alternative Education Requirements


Students whose secondary education and curriculum has been primarily at home and/or does not follow the curriculum established by an accredited school district must submit the Common Application with supporting documents in addition to the following items:

  1. Transcript and evaluation of grades
  2. Curriculum description 
    • Include syllabi for any self-designed courses
  3. Graded research paper with evaluator's comments
  4. Homeschool essay
    • An explanation of the choice to pursue homeschooling provided by either the student or parent
  5. An interview 

Please note that the required two letters of recommendation should be from individuals other than the applicant's parents.

Cyber Schooling

Any student in a full-time online curriculum is required to interview.

Early Admission Requirements

Each year, a few outstanding students enter Bryn Mawr after their junior year of high school. Students interested in applying for early admission should plan to complete a senior English course before matriculation. An interview is also required for these applicants.