Admissions Fellow
Additional Responsibilities: 
Visits and Events


California (Northern), California (Southern)




What's your go-to sushi roll? Spicy Hurricane Roll at Sushiland

Who is the most inspirational woman in your life? My mom. She is the most hardworking and generous person I know. I'm a second generation immigrant and I grew up watching my mom support me through the toughest times imaginable, all the while providing for us and making sure I had the best life she could give. I want to have half as much compassion as she does.

Describe a nostalgic childhood memory. Watching wrestling matches with my uncle and cousins. We had our favorites...Of course our favorite became an actor, but I will always remember "DO YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING" rather than The Tooth Fairy (2010).

What's your Zodiac sign? Leo: Proud Lion!

What were you like in high school? I definitely had a “scene kid” phase, but I grew into a theater rat towards my junior and senior year. I was on Prom court which was exciting. I guess I had a pretty well-rounded high school experience.