Hometown: Zhejiang, China

What is it like to be an international student at Bryn Mawr?

Because of the large size of the international student body, international students are welcomed in the community.  The International Student Advising Office is very experienced and efficient at helping us to apply for our visa and social security number, filing taxes, and filling out all kinds of forms that we need for working or traveling. The Career Development Center is also very helpful with an international student’s career search and preparation. At Bryn Mawr, I feel secure, well supported, and truly surrounded by a sense of belonging.


As a women's college, how would you describe your experience at Bryn Mawr?

I did not choose Bryn Mawr because it was a women’s college, but after spending two years here I thank myself for making this choice.  As a student here, I highly appreciate the idea of helping women succeed. I love how we break gender stereotypes but still keep a wide range of opinions towards women’s’ roles in society. I have received more attention and help than I expected from my professors, my coaches, my dean, and my advisor in all aspects of campus life. It is amazing to hear so many of my friends saying that they have grown so much at Bryn Mawr. And, thanks to the Tri-Co Consortium that we have with Haverford College and Swarthmore College, I’m satisfied with my social life too.


As a liberal arts college, how does Bryn Mawr prepare students for careers in science, engineering and business?

I can tell from my experience that students here at Bryn Mawr are more encouraged to pursue careers in science, engineering, and business than in other co-ed schools. As part of our academic requirements, all students are expected to take at least one science course during their undergraduate study so that everyone will have the chance to find out if science is a good fit for them. Although Bryn Mawr doesn’t have an engineering department, several of my friends were able to sample engineering courses at nearby Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania. Personally, I attended several finance workshops and alumni networking events organized by the Career Development Office. So far they’ve been very helpful in giving me a general idea of what the business world is like. I think a liberal arts college has a big advantage over larger institutions as it is highly flexible in meeting its students’ individual needs.

作为一名布林茅尔学院的学生,我们也在不断尝试去涉足于科学,工程学,商科等不同领域。作为学校的学术要求,这里的每一位学生必须要完成相关的科学课程才可以获得毕业学位,所以每一位学生都可以有机会找到最适合自己的专业以及领域。虽然布林茅尔学院不向学生提供工程专业,但是所有学生都可以在Swarthmore学院和University of Pennsylvania进行学习。我曾经参加过由校友举办的金融研讨会。布林茅尔学院的校友为学生在各个方面提供着不同的资源和信息。作为一个小型的文理学院,我们能够为不同学生个体提供不同的资源优势。

What is the campus and surrounding community like?

Bryn Mawr is a very close community. The campus is fairly small, so I find it extremely convenient to get around. The town of Bryn Mawr is lovely and is just a five minute walk from campus; the entire neighborhood is quiet, pretty, and, speaking as an athlete, ideal for running. The city of Philadelphia is also quite accessible. I go into the city as many weekends as possible for the Philadelphia Orchestra’s concerts, cultural exhibitions, restaurant weeks, etc. Several of my friends have found internships and volunteer opportunities in the city, too.


What is a typical day like at Bryn Mawr?

Bryn Mawr students have different lifestyles, but most of them include a lot of studying, sports and club activities, and spending time with friends. My day typically starts with an early breakfast or a morning track practice—both are great ways to wake up. I spend most of my morning in the library and after a brief lunch, I spend most of the afternoon in class or at chamber music rehearsals. With the exception of Thursday night, when I have orchestra rehearsal at Haverford, I normally spend the dinner hour catching up with friends in the dining hall before studying into the evening hours. After midnight I get less productive, so I usually try to finish my school work and go to sleep listening to music or doing a little bit of reading.