What is the difference between a college transfer and a McBride Scholar?

There are two categories of transfer students at Bryn Mawr: A community college transfer student applies from a 2-year community college and a 4-year college transfer student applies from an institution granting bachelor's degrees.  Any student over the age of 24 at the time they enroll has the dual designation of being a McBride Scholar as well as a community college transfer student or 4-year college transfer student.

Can transfer students attend part-time?

Only McBride Scholars are permitted to attend part time.

Can a student transfer from any community college?

Students transferring from any community college are encouraged to apply.

Am I required to complete my associate's degree to apply as a community college transfer student?

No, we can consider your application with a minimum of 1 semester of completed college level work. However, more is preferred.

What if I did not complete high school?

You must prove that you completed a high school program  by submitting an official high school transcript or a GED certificate.

If I have been out of school for more than 3 years, are recommendations from teachers or professors required?

No, in this circumstance we will accept letters from employers or peers.

Can I apply as a transfer student during my first semester of college?

No, you must be able to submit final grades from at least one completed semester of college-level work by the application deadline.

If I took a gap year after high school and have been taking college courses on a part-time basis, do I apply as a transfer or as a first-year student?  

If you have not yet matriculated full-time into a college and will not have completed one full semester by the application deadline, you may apply as a first-year student. If you will already have completed a full semester of college work by the application deadline, you are considered a transfer student.

If I previously applied to Bryn Mawr, do I have to re-submit all my materials?

All transfer applicants must submit the Common Application for Transfer Students and the Bryn Mawr Member Supplement. If you applied to Bryn Mawr within the past two years, we may have some of your academic materials on file. Please contact admissions@brynmawr.edu to confirm what we have and what you will need to submit.

Is financial aid available for transfer students?

Financial aid is available for transfer students and the policies are generally the same as for first-year applicants.  All financial aid application materials must be submitted by the deadline for the plan under which you are applying. Learn more here

As an international student, can I apply as a transfer?

International students who are currently enrolled at an accredited U.S. college or university and will have completed at least one semester of college-level work by the application deadline can apply as transfer students. International students can apply for fall entry only.  Only international students transferring from U.S. colleges or universities are eligible for financial aid. Students applying from overseas universities are considered for admission on a case-by-case basis and cannot apply for financial aid.

Is housing available for transfer students and McBride Scholars?

Housing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What is the minimum amount of time a transfer student must attend BMC?

The minimum requirement is 2 years.  In total, a Bryn Mawr degree requires 32 units (courses). In most cases, students may transfer up to a maximum of 16 units and must then take at least 16 units at Bryn Mawr.

Which credits will transfer to Bryn Mawr?

Credits from general education courses in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are likely to transfer to Bryn Mawr. In most cases, courses with descriptions closely matching those in the Bryn Mawr Catalog will be considered for transfer.  Examples of coursework that will not transfer include:

  • Courses in such disciplines as engineering, nursing, drafting, or education
  • Courses such as math for non-math majors and science for non-science majors
  • Courses completed at an unaccredited college or university
  • Math courses taken below calculus
  • Courses with grades below a “C”
  • Online courses
  • College-level courses taught as part of a high school program

If I was put on probation at a previous college, can I apply as a transfer student?

No. Students who have failed to meet the prescribed standards of academic work or who have been put on probation, suspended, or excluded from other colleges and universities will not be admitted.