Cori Ashworth, M.Ed., C.A.G.S., C.M.C., Director of Alumnae Career Programs, provides regional career programs, job support groups, and  one on one appointments for undergraduate and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences alumnae/i, at the College or by phone/Skype. Contact Cori at (610) 526-5230 or email.

Note: undergraduate alumnae less than 2 years out are served by Career and Professional Development's undergraduate counselors and should call 610-526-5174.

Career Development Representatives (CDRs) - Alumnae Volunteers
Alumnae volunteer CDRs are in several major US cities. In coordination with their respective alumnae clubs and the Career Development Office, they organize career programs and networking events and serve as contacts and resources for alumnae/i seeking to network with the Bryn Mawr or Bi-College communities. View the list of CDRs.