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with Rosi Song, Associate Professor of Spanish
May 01, 2015 - May 09, 2015
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We invite you to sail the ancient trade routes of Phoenician, Roman and Moor mariners during this comprehensive itinerary and small ship cruise to the coastal jewels of the Iberian Peninsula, an area not often visited by Americans, during the best time of year. This unique offering features the...
May 28, 2015 - Jun 05, 2015
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Join us for a unique, comprehensive, nine-day journey to Norway’s majestic fjords and Scotland’s rarely visited Shetland, Orkney and Inner Hebridean Islands, remote destinations forever linked by their Viking heritage. Cruise from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Glasgow, Scotland, aboard the exclusively...
with Kate Thomas , Associate Professor of English, Nineteenth-Century British
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Jun 06, 2015 - Jun 16, 2015
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Discover the proud traditions and natural wonders of this ancient land. In Cardiff, go behind the scenes at the Senedd (National Assembly) and tour the National Museum with a curator. Explore Roman ruins in Caerleon, associated with King Arthur, and admire Tintern Abbey, inspiration to Wordsworth...
Jun 26, 2015 - Jul 25, 2015
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Do you dream of waking up each day in Italy? Of immersing yourself in another culture? Perhaps you've even considered moving or retiring abroad? Then this program is for you! Our  four-week International Lifestyles Explorations program is not for the average tourist. This incomparable introduction...
with Pedro Marenco, Assistant Professor of Geology
Jul 10, 2015 - Jul 17, 2015
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We invite you to discover the awesome beauty, abundant wildlife and native cultures of Southeast Alaska. Aboard the nimble, 66-passenger Admiralty Dream, access the breathtaking byways of Alaska’s Inside Passage. With skilled naturalists by your side, encounter its magnificent peaks and fjords, and...
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Jul 22, 2015 - Jul 26, 2015
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Join us as we explore the wonders of Santa Fe & Taos; from the galleries of Canyon Road to the artistic heritage of Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch and the exquisite beauty of the world famous Santa Fe Opera. We will be granted special access to many of the venues and enjoy private talks from...
Aug 14, 2015 - Aug 31, 2015
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Home to lost cultures that predate the pyramids, the Kimberley guards its secrets: strange and beautiful landscapes, mystical cave paintings, and extraordinary wildlife—including monstrous saltwater crocodiles. Explore it, then venture into the Spice Islands for spectacular snorkeling and diving,...
Aug 27, 2015 - Sep 06, 2015
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Join us as we enjoy time in Russia’s two great cultural capitals on this carefully crafted itinerary—spend one night aboard ship in the fabled city of Moscow, the political and commercial capital of the world’s largest country, see the world’s largest collection of Fabergé eggs, and spend two...
Sep 21, 2015 - Sep 27, 2015
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The Corps of Discovery expedition, led by Lewis and Clark from 1804 to 1806, was a dramatic episode in American history. Conceived by Jefferson as more than a geographic exploration, it studied native cultures; collected specimens; and through maps, put form to what was terra incognita. Join us as...
with Catherine Lafarge, Professor Emerita of French
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Sep 30, 2015 - Oct 14, 2015
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Experience the beauty, allure, and hospitality of Provincial France, at an easy pace and in a unique style. Anchored by stays in vibrant Toulouse and enchanting Paris, the journey features diverse Languedoc, the remote Dordogne, the lovely Loire Valley, and historic Normandy as we stay in charming...