The Bryn Mawr Alumnae/i Travel Program takes you to destinations around the world.

Reconnect with Bryn Mawr through like-minded alumnae and guest faculty members who accompany travelers on many of our trips.

Relax, learn, and enjoy as travel experts handle all the in-country details and local guides arrange behind-the-scenes tours.


with Sharon Ullman, Professor of History at Bryn Mawr College
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
May 12, 2018 - May 20, 2018
Sold Out: No
We invite you to join Bryn Mawr alumnae/I, family and friends as we settle in and spend time learning and enjoying Northern Italian culinary traditions con gusto. A key ingredient of this signature journey is the luxury of unpacking once and dedicating your days to the rich cultural opportunities...
Scottish Highlands
with Thomas Mozdzer, Assistant Professor of Biology
May 17, 2018 - May 25, 2018
Sold Out: Yes
Join Bryn Mawr Alumnae, family and friends on this specially designed itinerary that follows along the stepping stones of Nordic and Scottish civilizations during the best time of year - when the weather and the days are long. We will explore these fascinating lands of ruins and old-world villages...
Jul 20, 2018 - Aug 03, 2018
Sold Out: No
Namibia is a land of open skies and endless horizons. A country of varying eco-systems, it is best known for its towering sand dunes, red canyons and ethnic groups who continue to practice their traditional way of life. Much of the population is centered around Windhoek- the capital giving you a...
Jewels of Alpine Europe
with Yvonne Berliner '73, Senior Instructor in History, Washington State University
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Aug 06, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018
Sold Out: No
Join Bryn Mawr alumnae, family and friends as we journey from Switzerland’s mountain-lined Lake Lucerne to France’s inspiring Lake Annecy. Take in the picturesque Chamonix Valley and stroll along Italy’s Lake Como. Then, cross Liechtenstein and hit the winter wonderland of Innsbruck before heading...
with Don Barber, Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Aug 07, 2018 - Aug 17, 2018
Sold Out: No
We invite you to join us on an exploration of Iceland.  It’s a surprising, even astonishing land; one of massive glaciers and rumbling volcanoes, bubbling mud holes and powerful waterfalls; hugely abundant bird life and just 300,000 people; and where the sun never sets for six splendid weeks. It’s...
Russian Propaganda Poster
with Dr. Marjorie Senechal, Prof. Emerita in Mathematics, History, & Technology at Smith
Sep 15, 2018 - Sep 26, 2018
Sold Out: No
Co-sponsored with Smith College.  Join the sixth Among Women trip on a carefully designed itinerary through St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Golden Ring. During Soviet times the cult of the “strong” woman, emphasized by propaganda, became a deep part of the national psyche and the principal of equal...
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Oct 13, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018
Sold Out: Yes
Please note: this trip is now sold out. Interested travelers can add their names to a waitlist by contacting Odysseys Unlimited, Inc. toll-free at 888-370-6765, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Eastern Time. It's a land of delicate art and bustling commerce, of rich traditions and dizzying...
with Marc Schulz, Professor of Psychology, Rachel C. Hale Professor in Science
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Nov 27, 2018 - Dec 11, 2018
Sold Out: No
We invite you to join us on an exclusive 15-day small group journey to the distant and devout Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan. Our tour begins in Kathmandu, where we visit iconic Swayambhunath, then we tour Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO site. Traveling through the beautiful Kathmandu Valley...


with Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry
An exclusive Bryn Mawr departure
Jan 01, 2019 - Jan 16, 2019
Sold Out: No
We are pleased to offer this award-winning trip to East India, which was recognized by National Geographic Traveler as one of the "50 Top Trips of a Lifetime." We'll start in Kolkata, the former seat of the British Raj and home of the Nobel Laureate Rabinranath Tagore (Literature, 1913) and Mother...
 Celtic Landscape
Jun 04, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019
Sold Out: No
Please note that reservations are not yet being accepted for this departure. To secure a place, complete the Early Reservation Form.  Join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the historic D-Day landings during this eight‑night Celtic Lands voyage. By...