"This summer (2016), I’ve had the amazing opportunity to continue doing research at the University of Pennsylvania in Dr. David Feldser’s lab. The lab focuses on understanding lung cancer through a variety of different pathways, using both mouse models and in vitro experiments. Not only have I learned a variety of techniques, but I’ve also learned an incredible amount about myself in terms of my career goals and personal interests. Some of the work I do this summer can be used to understand how lung cancer arises and how it can better be treated. The idea that something I have done could contribute to such an important part of the health and medical field feels unimaginable. But that is what’s so amazing about research.

I actually was matched with the lab last summer through the University of Pennsylvania’s CTSA Summer Undergraduate Internship Program. After the summer ended, I was asked to continue working in the lab. I absolutely love the work environment. While it is intense, the members in the lab are incredible, fun-loving, thoughtful, and always willing to mentor me. Having a positive internship opportunity is wonderful in college—it allows you to really see what you want to do in the future. I know that after my research experience I will be better prepared to enter the medical field, which is my ultimate goal!" - Kyra Sagal '17