For Anna Kimbrough Morris '62, it’s all about the friends and dorm mates.

Morris spent only two years at Bryn Mawr but has maintained close relationships, served as class president and songmistress, attended reunions, and has been a consistent donor to The Bryn Mawr Fund. In the 1960s, she and classmate Barbara Bauman Morrison ’62 worked with then Admissions Director Betty Vermey ’58 for greater diversity at the College.

“Anna was an early class leader and has been among our most active and effective leaders ever since,” says Morrison.

What keeps Morris coming back? “I loved it immediately and have a joyful connection to my class and Rock dorm mates,” she says. “There’s a vibe that I don’t know exists anywhere else.”

After leaving Bryn Mawr to raise a family, Morris climbed the corporate ladder—without a college degree. She went from accounting clerk to vice president at Burrell McBain (now Burrell Communications)—one of the country’s first African-American marketing agencies and currently one of the largest and most prominent multicultural firms in the world.

The agency’s creative director recognized Morris’s writing talent and encouraged her to try copywriting. Today, several of her ad campaigns are archived at the Smithsonian as examples of the trailblazing work done by and for the African-American community.

These days, Morris is an adjunct professor at Columbia College in Chicago. She credits her Bryn Mawr experience with informing her work: “The liberal arts opened up my world and gave me a source of ideas to write about. I could talk about anything with anybody and was on comfortable footing with clients and competitors.”

Anna Kimbrough Morris '62
Anna Kimbrough Morris '62
Former marketing executive, adjunct professor at Columbia College, Chicago

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