Between Persecution and Participation

Annegret Schüle and Tobias Sowade; translated by Penny Milbouer ’67

Declared a half-Jew by the Third Reich, Willy Wiemokli was briefly interned in Buchenwald but later worked as an accountant for the manufacturer of the ovens for the concentration camps (used to kill his father). Based solely on archival records, Between Persecution and Participation, by Annegret Schüle and Tobias Sowade and translated by Penny Milbouer ’67, gives insight into the muddled and impossible choices of vulnerable individuals living under the Third Reich and the blurred boundaries between victim, bystander, and accomplice. (Syracuse University Press, 2018)

"A compelling read, and Milbouer’s translation does an excellent job of creating an English-language text that will capture the attention of a wide group of readers." —Jonathan Hess, author of Middlebrow Literature and the Making of German-Jewish Identity

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