Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work

Karen Jaw Madson '98

Based on the Design of Work Experience (DOWE) approach, Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work provides a framework for managing organizational culture that partners employees and employers to co-create solutions. Part-business case, part-instructional, and part-commentary, the guidance offered here puts your organization--not some detached case studies--at the center to envision how DOWE can help you design solutions and experiences unique to your context. (Emerald Group, 2018)

Tina Seelig, Stanford University School of Engineering, author of Creativity Rules, writes: "Culture Your Culture invites readers to see problems as opportunities in our ever-changing work environments by creating meaningful experiences that allow people and businesses thrive."

Organizational expert Karen Jaw-Madson '98 enjoyed success as a corporate executive before pursuing a portfolio career comprised of research, writing, consulting, teaching/speaking, and creative pursuits. Today, this East Coast transplant to Silicon Valley (via Ireland and the Midwest) is principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience, where she enables organizations with innovative approaches and customized solutions for intimidating challenges.

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