A Different Kind of Fire

Suanne Schafer, Postbac ’89

A Different Kind of Fire tells the tale of a 19th-century artist torn between her childhood sweetheart, her passion for another woman, the nobleman she married, and her dream of being a painter. (Waldorf Publishing, 2018)

"You can't help but root for Ruby as she grows from Texas farm girl, to a freethinker and lover of men and women in Philadelphia, and finally into a consummate artist. This [novel] is a powerful and deeply satisfying read." —Helena Echlin, co-author of Sparked and author of Gone

A Different Kind of Fire explores Suanne Schafer's (Postbac ’89) Texas roots and a once-held dream of following in her grandmother's footsteps and becoming an artist. Instead, Schafer became a photographer, and then a physician. Now retired, she writes full-time.

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