Don't Put the Boats Away: A Novel

Ames Sheldon '70

Don't Put the Boats Away tells the story of the Sutton family, who—after losing their “golden boy” Eddie in WWII—attempts to rebuild their lives. Daughter Harriet becomes a chemist while son Nat works as a jazz musician, but the consequences of trauma—including divorce and alcoholism—emerge. (She Writes Press, 2019)

Ames Sheldon '70 worked as a reporter for two small-town newspapers in Minnesota before becoming lead author and editor of Women’s History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States. After that, Sheldon ventured into the world of creative nonfiction, writing grant proposals and raising funds for the Sierra Club in San Francisco, the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, the Minneapolis Public Library, and a variety of other nonprofits.