Anassa Kata


Neda Ulaby '93

“I have no shame about discussing the kind of mystical connection to Bryn Mawr a lot of us feel.”


Mika Tajima '97

"At Bryn Mawr, I learned to challenge information—history, stories, even studies—as constructs of subjective viewpoints rather than objective occurrences."

In Recognition

The Bulletin celebrates Mawrters making their marks.


Betsy Levin '56

"Bryn Mawr showed me I had brains and credibility."


Trapeta Mayson, M.S.S '95

The Poet Laureate of the City of Philadelphia.


Katherine Crawford Luber, Ph.D. '92

"She has an authentic, passionate vision...."


Astrid Rodrigues '06

"Bryn Mawr was a place that allowed me to explore things that piqued my interest."