Prof. Thomas is Not Afraid to Stir the (Tea) Pot

Thomas enjoys a range of intellectual interests, including British lit, the history of sexuality, and food studies.

What Are You Thankful For?

As part of Project Mawrter, the Alumnae Association has been asking alumnae/i to share their virtual offerings to Athena.


On Learning and Libraries

Mawrters navigate the new information landscape.


Deregulation Déjà Vu

Comparing current administration's efforts to Reagan’s.

Rose Pierre-Louis ’15

The Curious Classroom

Alumna's new educational program focused on critical thinking, current events.

Running the Eco-Numbers

In spring 2018, students in Professor of Mathematics Victor Donnay’s course Math Modeling and Sustainability used math to analyze problems of environmental sustainability.


What's Your Favorite Memory of Erdman?

The iconic Louis Kahn dorm was recently designated a significant historic site.

Book cover

Gurus of the Garden

For author and subjects, it's far more than a patch of backyard dirt. 


Size Matters

A new study finds that the changing climate might spell trouble for tropical bird species.

A Wild Life

After running away from home to join the Peace Corps, her life went to the birds.