Mina Bissell '63 is a highly distinguished scientist who runs a cancer research lab bearing her name at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

As a young girl, Bissell was the top student in her home country of Iran. When applying to U.S. colleges, the head of the American Friends of the Middle East encouraged her to apply to Bryn Mawr. “To his mind,” she said, “and later to mine, Bryn Mawr was—and remains—one of the best colleges in the United States.”

Bissell spent an “enchanting” two years at Bryn Mawr. “I was lucky to come to Bryn Mawr. It was all about smart, successful women, and the faculty were amazing.” She specifically recalls Professor Ann Berthoff as a “brilliant mentor” and the two remain close to this day.

She has returned for Reunion, supports the College financially, and, in 2011, gave the Bernard K. Rothenberg Lecture in Biology and Public Policy.

“I still tell people that I think Bryn Mawr is the best school in the country. I owe my ability to write and to organize my essays to Ann and Bryn Mawr.”

Mina Bissell, '63
Mina Bissell '63
Scientist who runs a cancer research lab at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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