Mossby's Magic Carpet Handbook

Ilona Bray '84, illustrated by Alejandro Lee

Mossby’s Magic Carpet Handbook: A Flyer’s Guide to Mossby’s Model D3 Extra-Small Magic Carpet (Especially for Young or Vertically Challenged People) by Ilona Bray ’84, illustrated by Alejandro Lee, is a faux instruction manual for new magic-carpet owners that includes commands programmed in by the manufacturer’s “magicalists,” notes on proper care and storage, best practices for safe flying, aerial hazards, suggested recreational activities, basic survival techniques, and even career possibilities. 

In and around the fun are tidbits of actual information, such as the varying g-forces experienced by a child swinging, sneezing, and riding a roller coaster; the varying altitudes of flyers like bugs, bats, and commercial jets; samplings from world cuisines; and orienteering.

Plus, this handy guide comes with an imprimatur from the Children’s Book Council, which put it on its "Hot Off the Presses" list of likely bestsellers. (The Innovation Press, 2017)

Mossby's Magic Carpet Handbook by Ilona Bray '84