Phoebe Ellsworth '65 stated in a note that accompanied her 1978 gift to The Annual Fund (now The Bryn Mawr Fund):

“I was promoted to tenure at the Yale Psychology Department a year ago,” Ellsworth wrote, “and although I didn’t take any psychology at Bryn Mawr, I credit you with teaching me the value of thorough scholarship and high standards of evidence. Since I transferred out of Bryn Mawr, you probably didn’t realize how much I loved it and valued it. I still credit Bryn Mawr with everything important I got from my undergraduate career: a rigorous love of truth in all its wealth of disciplinary guises, a fundamental understanding that women are smart, and the idea that the intellectually fortunate have a duty to contribute to the society that provided their good fortune…. my heart belongs to Bryn Mawr.”

And the Bryn Mawr lessons continue to serve her today.

Now a professor at the University of Michigan, Ellsworth holds dual appointments in the psychology department and the Law School, where she has conducted pioneering research on jury behavior, public opinion and the death penalty, eyewitness identification, and emotions and appraisal theory.

Nearly 40 years after sending her love letter to Bryn Mawr, Ellsworth remains connected with her class and is a consistent donor as a member of both the Slade and Archways Giving Societies.

Phoebe Ellsworth '65
Phoebe Ellsworth '65
Professor at the University of Michigan with dual appointments: psychology and Law School

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