Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education

Sarah Butler Jessen ’00 and Catherine DiMartino

The impact of marketing and branding practices is being felt across the board in public education—in leadership and governance, budgeting and finance, technology, the role of teachers, and more. Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education explores the implications of “edvertising” on the democratic mission of public education and argues that expansive marketing campaigns are reshaping public education without the benefit of robust research or public debate. (Teachers College Press, 2018)

"This book pioneers new ground as the authors move the literature on the marketization of education into a more nuanced analysis of how branding discourses and practices, and the managerialist and neoliberal economic theories they are based on, have entered the logic of public schooling." ―Gary L. Anderson, New York University

Sarah Butler Jessen ’00 is a faculty member at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service.

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