Triumph of a Tsar

Tamar Anolic ’03

Triumph of a Tsar is a work of alternate historical fiction in which the Russian Revolution of 1917 is averted, and the hemophiliac Alexei, son of Tsar Nicholas II, comes to the throne. In August, 1920, 16-year-old Alexei is enjoying his birthday celebrations when Nicholas dies suddenly. Overnight, Alexei becomes tsar of an empire that covers one-sixth of the world’s landmass. The Great War is over, but Russia is still suffering from the devastation and poverty that it brought. Communists such as Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky view the political situation as ripe for revolution, but they realize that the popular Alexei stands in their way. To make matters worse, Alexei’s hemophilia, the disease that has threatened him his whole life, returns to haunt him. 

Triumph of a Tsar is Tamar Anolic’s second novel. Her first book, the nonfiction biography The Russian Riddle, was the first biography of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich. Her first novel, The Last Battle, was published in 2017. (CreateSpace, 2018)

Triumph of a Tsar by Tamar Anolic ’03