“I always wanted to try my hand at burlesque,” 
said Whitney Lopez ’15, “but my fear of being more of a spectacle than spectacular kept me from doing so.”

With a little help from photographer Eva Wǒ ’14, Lopez conquered those fears and a photo shoot was born. Afropunk.com, a site focusing on African Americans participating in the punk and alt music scene, featured the collaboration on its site and called the collaboration “show-stopping.”

Says Lopez, who uses the pronoun they, “This photo shoot is important to me as a disabled, fat, hairy, gender non-conforming Black person because it allows me to walk that line of spectacularizing myself in a performance way, while also reclaiming my power over how I am perceived as a human being.”

Lopez is a Philadelphia-based visual and performance artist and independent curator whose work examines, decolonizes, and reconstructs aspects 
of their identity. Wǒ is a Philly-based photographer whose work focuses on queer and marginalized people and underground communities.