News Articles

Maeve White
Posted May 14th, 2018
Maeve will be completing a masters degree in Art History at Bryn Mawr.
Sanjana Bhansali
Posted May 14th, 2018
Sanjana will be working as an Assistant Consultant at Geneva Global.
Dana Gold
Posted May 12th, 2018
Dana will be High School Coach at College Possible Philadelphia.
May Day 2018
Posted May 11th, 2018
Bryn Mawr's campus community came together to celebrate on the Sunday after the last day of classes.
Annabelle Working at Argonne National Laboratory
Posted April 18th, 2018
Annabelle was awarded the APS March Meeting Travel Award. She conducted her research with Professor of Physics Xuemei May Cheng.
Zoila Regalado and Maria Vivanco pour over a book with a Willard Elementary School student in the school library.
Posted April 6th, 2018
Four Bryn Mawr students are volunteering at Willard Elementary School to provide mentorship and guidance to local students.
Angela Davis
Posted March 27th, 2018
From her involvement in the civil rights movement to her more recent work addressing mass incarceration, Angela Davis has long been a voice for the marginalized.
Opening of the Community Day of Learning
Posted March 21st, 2018
This year's event saw an unprecedented turnout, with more than 650 community members registering for the nearly 50 sessions. 
Posted March 16th, 2017
On March 24 and 25, LILAC hosted a Leadership Assessment Center to help students explore their strengths as well as opportunities for growth regarding their leadership skills and potential.