Posted March 9th, 2018
This interview with one of the first alums to have a digital learning experience at Bryn Mawr College offers insight into tech careers and digital competencies.
Overhead photo of student at desk
Posted February 27th, 2018
The March newsletter introduces Design Thinking, the competency of the month, along with paid summer internship opportunities and more.
Posted February 26th, 2018
An interview with Alex Pfundt, librarian and coordinator of Bryn Mawr's Information Literacy Program.
Posted January 26th, 2018
Courtney Dalton ('19) on her "Winternship" learning digital scholarship and archival research.
Three students look at computer
Posted January 19th, 2018
Our February newsletter introduces the competency of the month, student internship opportunities, and more.
Campus in the snow
Posted November 28th, 2017
See student videos, infographics, and more to celebrate our Competency of the Month, Audiovisual Production and Analysis.
Digital Competencies circle
Posted November 21st, 2017
A student worker in the Educational Technology department shares her reflections on doing graphic design for Bryn Mawr's programs.
computer monitor
Posted November 14th, 2017
More on upcoming "Digital Cultures" Anthropology course.
inside higher ed logo
Posted November 9th, 2017
Providing a broad-based education in which digital skills are developed throughout the entire curriculum and a wide array of co-curricular experiences is key, write Bryn Mawr's president and CIO.
think tank for digital competencies
Posted November 6th, 2017
Members of the Digital Competencies Planning Committee share the Framework to peers at other institutions.