Bi-Co Education Program Professor Heather Curl and current undergraduates, Maurice Rippel (HC), Sebastian Dilones (HC), Yeidaly Mejia (BMC), and Alex Berndt (BMC) presented at the National Association for Multicultural Education Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this November. Their panel, "Changing the Social and Academic Culture of Elite Colleges through Student Led Activism: How Bridge Programs, Curriculum, Professors and Administrators Can Help (or Hinder)," explored their efforts to shift the culture of the Bi-Co toward creating more inclusive, engaged and multicultural communities. Specifically, the panel shared their experience working: 1) within and among students to create inclusive activities and freshman experiences, 2) with faculty in revising curriculum and pedagogy and 3) with administrators in revising college policy, creating inclusive living spaces and bringing diverse speakers to campus. The students' trajectories toward becoming student leaders and activists also offered rich fodder for discussion around how to support undergraduates in this important task of changing culture and practice. Panelists offered specific strategies for what bridge programs, professors and staff might do to further empower students engaged in this work.