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Daniel Torday takes on identity politics, the new generation gap, and more.

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Professor of Psychology Laura Grafe
Posted January 23rd, 2019
The primary goal of Grafe's research is to better understand how stress affects the brain. She is particularly interested in sex differences in the neurobiological response to stress
Leslie Rescorla
Posted December 4th, 2018
The award was presented at the PBIDA's 40th annual conference on Reading, Literacy and Learning Disabilities.
Campus building
Posted October 18th, 2018
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Posted October 10th, 2018
Harris' research interests include trauma focused social work practice with marginalized populations, Intersectionality and social identity, and post-racial trauma.
Posted October 10th, 2018
Dr. Corrado is the creator of the Storiez Trauma Narrative intervention.
Provost Mary Osirim
Posted October 4th, 2018
Bryn Mawr Provost Mary Osirim was among those named to The Philadelphia Tribune's 2018 list of Philadelphia's Most Influential African Americans.
Posted September 10th, 2018
Giammei works on trans-historical and interdisciplinary topics at the crossway of textual and visual studies, Modernity and the Renaissance, classicism and experimentalism.
Professor of Environmental Studies Sara Grossman
Posted September 10th, 2018
Grossman specializes in the environmental humanities, with teaching and research interests in grassroots environmental culture, environmental justice, disability studies, and environmental poetry.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Carla May Dhillon
Posted September 10th, 2018
Dhillon’s broad areas of interest include climate change and society, environmental justice, Indigenous studies, and social studies of science and technology.
Professor of Mathematics John Bergdall
Posted September 10th, 2018
Bergdall‘s research interests lie in number theory, a field largely concerned with problems about algebraic equations and whole numbers.