new building sketch
A generous gift from Jacqueline Badger Mars '61 provided the funding for this new center for support services.

News Articles

Angela Davis
Posted March 27th, 2018
From her involvement in the civil rights movement to her more recent work addressing mass incarceration, Angela Davis has long been a voice for the marginalized.
Opening of the Community Day of Learning
Posted March 21st, 2018
This year's event saw an unprecedented turnout, with more than 650 community members registering for the nearly 50 sessions. 
Arlo Weil on research trip
Posted January 30th, 2018
Recent research has taken him to the Rocky Mountains and the Andes.
new faculty
Posted May 31st, 2017
Welcome to the GSSWSR, Dr. David S. Byers and Dr. Carolina Hausmann-Stabile!