When a student's parents are divorced, separated or were never married, both are expected to provide financial aid information. Noncustodial parents must submit the Noncustodial PROFILE each year.

All noncustodial parents must submit a signed copy of the most recent U.S. federal tax return, both personal and business, all pages, schedules and W-2 Forms to the College Board Institutional Document Imaging Service (IDOC). The amount of a noncustodial parent's contribution is based on the College's determination of ability to contribute to the cost of education and not on willingness to do so. The College is not bound by family agreement or court agreement in the awarding of its own private funds. The custodial parent and step-parent, if any, must supply financial information on the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE. See "Forms Required to Apply for Financial Aid from the College."

Note: If the student only wishes to apply for Federal Direct Stafford Loans, the CSS PROFILE, CSS Noncustodial Profile and the CSS Noncustodial Parent's Statement are not required.  Tax returns and, when applicable, Non-Tax-Filer Statements must be submitted directly to the Office of Financial Aid.