Outside scholarships are awards made by outside organizations including national or local scholarship programs, religious, fraternal, social and scholastic organizations.

Federal and state grants, tuition benefits and entitlements are not considered outside scholarships, but rather are considered a direct resource to the students in determining their eligibility for College aid in the same manner as the calculated family contribution and will replace an equal amount of Bryn Mawr Grant and/or FSEOG.

Students must report outside scholarships and assistance sources to the Office of Financial Aid so that the additional funds can be incorporated determining eligibility for need-based aid.

Treatment of outside scholarships for domestic students receiving need-based College aid

Bryn Mawr allows outside scholarships and grant awards to reduce student resource expectation, which includes a summer savings requirement* loan and academic year employment award. For most students receiving need-based college aid, the student resource expectation is $9,900, consisting of $2,000 in student employment, a $5,500 loan expectation and a $2,400 summer saving requirement* Bryn Mawr Grant will only be reduced when the total of outside scholarships or grants is greater than the student resource expectation.

An outside grant or scholarship cannot replace the student’s parent contribution or the student’s asset contribution.

A student may not be able to replace the entire amount of the student resource expectation with outside awards due to eligibility requirements for federal and state need-based aid.

* The summer savings requirement can only be reduced if the student has not actually earned the funds as shown on the financial aid application and the tax return.

Treatment of outside scholarships and assistance for students receiving College merit aid

The amount of Bryn Mawr merit aid will not be reduced for students receiving outside scholarship and entitlements unless the total amount of the merit aid and the outside scholarship and entitlements exceed the cost of attendance, in which case the merit award will be reduced such that the total aid does not exceed the cost of attendance.

Treatment of outside scholarships for international students

Outside scholarships and grants received after the award notification will not replace your family contribution. Instead, the scholarship or grant will replace your Bryn Mawr international loan and work funding first, and then, if necessary, your Bryn Mawr international grant.